All I need is a chance

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Take all the chance you get in life, because some things happen only once.

When I was casually surfing through Facebook, I saw this post called All I need is a chance featuring Ms. Kalki Koechlin. I was intrigued by looking at the post’s caption so thought of taking a peek through the video. The videos is stressing more about education system in India specially education for a girl. It gives out a message telling about providing a chance for everyone who wants to do something which they are interested in.

Yes, everyone needs a chance and a support to do what they are interested in. I have seen people asking their children to do something later, procrastinating the events that they are interested in. Whenever we procrastinate any thing, our mind goes into a stance where it decides of postponing everything that we intend to do at the moment.

The children during their teenage crave to prove themselves for the ones around them. They always look for a creek in the wall to get out to the world, explore it in all the possible way. This kind of energy must be channelised in a positive way, with guidance from the person the child trusts makes him or her to walk the path they need. They look for a chance everywhere to explore and grow in the world. Their energy must not be suppressed, it must be encouraged to give an exposure to the challenging, ever expanding world.

With the chance given to him or her, the child feels confident enough to face the challenges in the world as the person guiding has his back. Though he fears the failure that might occur during the journey, the inspiration from a mentor will make him face the challenges again with confidence.

Not only a child needs a chance, every living creature around us needs a chance. We need chance everywhere wether it might be workplace, personal life or social life, only if we get a chance, we can prove ourselves to the world about our capabilities. We must create a chance to explore the world and give chance to the people who needs it.

If you don’t take a chance, you don’t stand a chance.


Dream big ! Plan big !


Building a house of dreams is like building house of cards

Every dream begins with a dreamer. I am not talking about the dreams that haunt us or soothe our sleep in the night, I am talking about the dream of one’s life. 

Since the birth of a child, the people around it has started dreaming about the future as if predicting the future. Everyone wants the baby to choose a different career path.

Hello! The baby is merely born allow it breathe for a moment. 

These represent just the expectations of a guardian or a parent for their child to succeed in the way they want. When some are like this, the others will be optimistic and supportive for the baby to choose a path it needs. They want their child to pursue it’s dreams. 

This kind of environment makes a child to construct it’s dream with a firm foundation of rocks and a excellent plan to build the house of dreams.In the childhood the person gets inspired by the things and people around him/her. They catch every move of the people surrounding them, observe carefully and developed interest in the work they are doing. Eventually, they start imitating the work they see (the work is pretty much everything they see.)

As we enter the teenage, some of us get a quick realisation of what life is about, by the teachings of the parents and the guardians and also by just reminding the observations made throughout our childhood. Movies influence a teenager more than the books do. Though, many of the parents bring up their kid by teaching them the habit of reading books at the early ages which help the teenager throughout his or her teenage life. 

Even though the rushing Hormone tries to get the person away from whatever he is doing to build the ground of the house, the books and positive, motivational speakers help us in various ways.

Once the teenage days are over, the steps for climbing up to the house are ready. Now it’s our time to lookup the steps and climb one by one to reach the goal/dream that as a teenager we created. Though the implementation of achieving the dream starts in the mid teenage, the crucial role of the steps are built during those years which help us to plan and make a way to the goal to be achieved.

Once we start climbing up the steps, there will be downfalls because of many variables in the equation of life. We have to solve for the variables to create a constant so that the constant value will give an additional benefit through out the way that we are about to walk. 

Without a strong base, the steps to climb up the stairs are useless. The variables make the steps and the foundation to crumble down and make you fall to get ill. So that you have to build the steps from the scratch again.

When we see the steps and the foundation we built get destroyed and even we fall down along with the steps and foundation, many people see a different goal in front which is nearer than the dreamt one, we start to build a different stair for a different goal. This happens a lot of time in life of many people. 

But people who see these kind of goals, and still construct the same old pathway in a stronger way to achieve the oldest goal succeeds in life.

As in the first line says, the house of card might fall even if you blow it, but again if you stick all the cards to each other and the ground with a strong base, even if a fan blows it won’t shake. 

So whenever we are building a castle of dreams, we have to make sure about the strongest of all the foundation and never ever give up on the goal that we always wanted to achieve.


A dream does not become reality through magic; It takes sweat, determination and hard-work.